This Just In…

Buckles is neglecting his blog again. And he’s still using recycled designs created by other people.

The funny thing is, he’s now single, so he should have all the time in the world to work on nerdly things like website designs. But for some reason, he’s reneged on his duties as a geek and reverted back to trying to be cool (which he will never be able to do as well as me anyways).

Oh, and one other thing… Vlad, Ted… You’re next.

2 thoughts on “This Just In…

  1. Vlad

    I think I know how buckles feels. For a while, you kind of go on in autopilot mode, muttering “yes honey” and “ok dear” to no one in particular. You do your laundry and wear clean underwear… It does wear out soon enough though. Buckles will be a fellow nerd soon enough! (I am not sure how you do it J-dog, but you seem to be immune to the afflictions most nerds in relationships experience :)

  2. Mike Buckley

    Vlad understands =p
    Unfortunately i’ve had a very cool summer, doing things like leaving the keyboard for 10 mins. Winter is coming, and I will once again go into recluse mode and continue writing meaningless nerd babble.

    Oh and about the design -> that’s just pure lazyness, and the fact that you’re design is so hot that it makes me not even want to try to match it’s greatness.