Hosting Awesomiality ™

Not sure if anyone noticed, but my blog was down for almost 24 hours after an utterly botched “urgent maintenance upgrade” by WebHost4Life. Now I’ve been with them for around 3-4 years with only a few outages, but this one was just utterly rad.

I put in a help desk ticket this morning at about eight o’clock, and got a response within about a half-hour saying that it had been forwarded to the "server guys." Great, should be back up in no time. Or not.

After having no response for 10 more hours, I finally started poking around in the hosting control panel. After a bit of devious delving, I noticed that IIS was being pointed at a directory in the E: drive, while the file manager was telling me all my files were on the C: drive. So I changed the mapping and I’m back up.

I have to say, I’ve had few complaints up until now with my service. But this may finally give me the motivation to move over to Text Drive, where I’ve got a lifetime account. Up until now I’ve just been too lazy. Speaking of which… I deserve a beer.