Forgetting Craftsmanship

Sergio Pereira¬†has just posted a video of a speech by Bob Martin about¬†Extreme Programming after ten years. It’s a fascinating presentation with a message that resonates with me in particular, since I’ve been a part of a software project for the past 3 1/2 years that has left craftsmanship behind while still keeping to the trappings of Agile development (SCRUM in particular). The result has been tragic (to the code base), and the more people who learn from this, the better. Bob may have just inspired me to try to tell the story. But for now… Just watch the video.

One thought on “Forgetting Craftsmanship

  1. Andy

    Hi Jeff,

    I ran into your post trawling around. I know the project you’re talking about. I have a similar experience over the last few years in a product-based company. I too see the “I’m just a robot” developer coming out of Agile process and I don’t like it one bit. The “art” has driven out of my team and I’m in process :-) of bringing it back.